Aviation Degree Programs


Tech Aviation Flight School is proud to provide the flight and ground training for the Aviation Degree Program at LCCC.

The Associate Degree in Applied Science with an Aviation Major has two programs of study: (click the link above to find out more information)

Professional Pilot This curriculum is designed to offer students aviation subjects that are related to professional piloting. This program provides both the flight and ground school requirements for the private and commercial pilot certificates and instrument rating. Training in the theory and operation of multi-engine aircraft is an optional segment. Graduates of the Professional Pilot curriculum will be awarded the Associate in Applied Science Degree and be prepared to transfer to colleges or universities which offer the bachelor’s degree in aviation science or management or look forward to careers as pilots in the aviation industry.

Aerospace / Aviation Management This curriculum is designed to prepare the student with basic aviation industry knowledge as well as specific business skills. The major areas of coverage will be Airport Management, Air Carrier Operations, Commuter Airline Operations, Airport Fixed- Base Operations (FBO), Commuter Airlines Operations and Aviation-related Government Agencies. The Aerospace / Aviation Management curriculum offers the student the opportunity of securing management positions in various functions such as Air Freight/Cargo, Flight Dispatcher and Passenger Service Agent Manager.

For more information about the LCCC Aviation Degree Program call or email Jason Condon.
570-414-2931. jcondon@techaviationflightschool.com.


Tech Aviation Flight School is proud to provide students of the Marywood University Aviation Degree Program with access to our fleet of training aircraft.

The Bachelor's Degree in Business Administration (BBA) with an Aviation Management Major has two possible tracks: (click the link above to find out more information)

Professional Pilot / Flight Operations

Airport / Airline Management

The ground instruction is offered at the Marywood University Campus. Marywood University is an FAA approved Part 141 Pilot School.


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